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CPA & Accounting Firm in Princeton, NJ

Lear & Pannepacker, LLP first opened its doors to clients in 1984 with a goal of providing superior level and proactive service that satisfies the clients’ business planning and financial requirements. Fast forward to the present time, Lear & Pannepacker continues to carry on the legacy and tradition established by its founders, Eric Lear and Gary Pannepacker.

From the firm’s humble beginnings in Nassau Street, Princeton, we have established offices in various locations in the tristate area. We have also joined hands with multiple accounting professionals from 2006 to 2016 and continue to serve their clients until today.

The LP LLP team features top-caliber CPAs in Princeton dedicated to providing clients with services like accounting, tax planning, auditing and bookkeeping.

Accounting Services in Princeton

As the leading accounting firm in Princeton, we strive to offer tailored services that fit the needs of our clients. More importantly, we take pride in our dedication to building lasting relationships with every client we work with.

Businesses, regardless of the size or industry, need a professional accounting team. Contrary to popular belief, an accountant’s role goes beyond auditing or computing a company’s revenue and losses. In fact, accounting professionals come in handy in doing several tasks such as planning the best structure to use for a business, conducting financial analysis to create a compelling and comprehensive business plan, and preparing the company’s tax returns.

At Lear & Pannepacker, here are the services we currently offer to our clients:

Specialized Accounting Knowledge in Princeton

No matter if you’re in the real estate business, a healthcare provider, or any professional or business owner, our team has your back. Over the years, our team of experienced Princeton CPAs has catered to clients from various industries, including:

Experienced Princeton Tax Professionals

We at Lear & Pannepacker have been in the business for almost four decades, making us an ideal choice for many companies – big and small. While we have initialled worked with entrepreneurs, we have expanded and established a stellar track record with a wide breadth of clients in different areas from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. In addition, our team also caters to clients doing business internationally as well.

Our extensive experience in providing regional accounting services has come in handy for every client we have work with. Unlike other specialist accounting firms in Princeton, NJ, we have focused our efforts on developing specialized and top-tier accounting solutions.

We have modernized our approach to helping clients to keep up with the changing times through the years. However, we still keep doing what we do best – building meaningful relationships and maintaining the integrity of our team and the efficiency of the solutions we offer to our clients.

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Without a doubt, handling the accounting and financial aspects of a business may come with various complexities. This is why it pays to let an experienced team of accountants in Princeton handle the job.

Work with a full-service accounting team in Princeton today! Regardless of the size and demands of of your company, the extent of the solution you need, or the accounting issues that you struggle with, our accounting firm has your back.

You can reach us at 609-452-2200 or send us your queries via email at

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