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EV Tax Credit Updates and Changes

What is the EV (Electric Vehicle) tax credit? The EV tax credit works similarly to other tax credits and can be applied when you file your tax return in the
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Education Credits and Tax Planning

What is the American Opportunity Tax Credit? The American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) is a federal tax credit for qualified education expenses paid for a student for the first four
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ASU 842 – Lease Accounting Update

There are new accounting rules in effect for leases which are required for years ending December 31, 2022 and later. If you have leases for facilities, vehicles and/or equipment, you
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Tax & Other Implications for Common Pass-Through Entities

Choosing the right legal structure for your business is a crucial decision that will influence the nature of your taxes, personal liability, registration requirements, and operations. Below we will cover
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Estimated Tax Payments – What You Need To Know

By: Cassandra Bartole What are estimated tax payments? Estimated tax payments are those made to pay tax on income that is not subject to withholding, including earnings from interest, dividends,
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What is Depreciation Recapture?

By: John Ruggieri What is depreciation recapture?  When discussing the tax implications of selling real estate, one needs to also be aware of various issues to make an informed decision. 
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Distributions vs Guaranteed Payments

What are distributions? To begin with, distributions from both partnerships and S-corporations are the same. Distributions can consist of the following: Withdrawals by partners in anticipation of current year earnings
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Sales Tax in New Jersey: What You Need To Know

By: Cassandra Bartole For most New Jersey Business owners, New Jersey assesses a tax on sales of most tangible personal property, specified digital products, and certain services unless specifically exempt
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Rental Property Tax Deductions

What are the basic rules for rental properties? Deciding to invest in a rental property is a big commitment, and one that will also be a big change to your
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NJ BAIT Deduction

By Christian Limato If you are a business owner preparing for your taxes, wait! You may be able to save thousands of dollars this year with the New Jersey Business
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