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NJ, NY, PA Now Following Federal Tax Day Deadline Extension, Now May 17th

By Gregory Bilecki, Senior Accountant

In welcome news for the state’s taxpayers, New Jersey has decided to follow the IRS’s decision to extend the federal April 15th tax reporting deadline again for individual filers for one month, with that day now May 17th. 

Other states have since responded or are in the process of following suit. See below for the list of all states which have since adopted the federal extended filing due date. Note that Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas residents have been granted additional time due to the impact of recent weather events with those dates now June 15th. Keep checking this post as we will be updating as more states respond and confirm, and make sure to always refer back to your state’s jurisdictions in which you file for the most current information.

What states have extended their tax filing deadlines for tax year 2020?

Updated March 20, 2021

Alabama May 17
Arizona May 17 (pending) 
Arkansas May 17
California May 17
Colorado May 17
Connecticut May 17
Delaware May 17
Georgia May 17
Hawaii TBA
Idaho April 15
Illinois May 17
Indiana TBA
Iowa TBA
Kansas TBA
Kentucky May 17
Louisiana June 15 
Maine May 17
Maryland July 15
Massachusetts May 17 
Michigan May 17
Minnesota May 17
Mississippi TBA
Missouri May 17
Montana May 17
Nebraska May 17
New Jersey May 17
New Mexico May 17
New York May 17
North Carolina May 17 
North Dakota May 17 
Ohio TBA
Oklahoma June 15
Oregon May 17
Pennsylvania May 17 
Rhode Island TBA
South Carolina May 17 
Tennessee May 17 (Hall income tax)
Utah May 17
Vermont May 17
Virginia May 17
Washington, D.C. July 15 
West Virginia May 17 
Wisconsin May 17 

State not listed due to no state individual income tax requirements: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

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