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Financial & Retirement Planning

Lear & Pannepacker, LLP understands the importance of financial and retirement planning – whether you’re just beginning your career, close to retirement, or already retired, our team of financial planning experts are here to help you develop a personalized plan to suit the needs of your unique financial situation. Proper retirement or life cycle planning will provide security for you and your family’s future, while our knowledge of the variety of available retirement plans will allow you to create an advantageous tax situation now and for years to come. The key to successful planning is an understanding of your current financial situation, projecting your future needs, and developing a plan to make sure those needs are met.

Planning Services

Tax rules regarding retirement plans are complex, as each plan has specific requirements and stipulations outlined by the IRS. Certain plans are not accessible to everyone depending on their income or age, while others may require withdrawals at a certain age. Some plans are taxed at retirement, while others are tax free. It’s important to understand the implications of your planning choices. At Lear & Pannepacker, we will:

  • Assist with estate planning through tax analysis and charitable giving and trust optimization
  • Assist with planning and correcting missed required minimum distributions (RMD)
  • Calculate optimal Roth conversion strategies including “back door” Roth contributions
  • Determine the optimal retirement plan for you and your family
  • Develop an approach for withdrawing funds from your retirement plan
  • Develop a budget that meets your financial planning goals
  • Develop a retirement plan, updating and adapting it to suit any changes in your life
  • Evaluate your financial situation
  • Identify and assist with insurance needs
  • Review your Social Security account to determine when to begin taking your benefits

Our team offers a wide range of comprehensive or segmented financial planning.  Our reports are targeted to your personal financial objectives. Our base customized financial plan would include statements of current financial position, cash flows, tax projections, and personal budget.  We can tailor a plan to meet your budget while providing easy to understand modeling to meet your financial and life goals.

Meet Our Team

Eric Robert Lear

Managing Partner

Pavan Rajput


Dennis M. Machulsky

Associate Director


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